Daniel & Brianne’s Engagement

Brianne and Daniel wanted their engagement photos at the location of their first date, The Midtown Coffee House in Columbus, Georgia. This precious couple is obviously in love and clearly enjoy each other’s company. I hope you feel like you joined us on our stroll, had coffee in this quaint location, and walked to the lovely park just across the street. For the record, Brianne has a gorgeous voice and really does play the piano. I’m so glad these two found each other! Join us in August for wedding photos.


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Emily & Jon Petter have news!

Almost exactly one year after their fabulous Norway wedding, Emily and Jon Petter returned home for Christmas and announced to their Georgia family that they are expecting the arrival of their first baby in July, 2018! We got together for an impromptu shoot to say congrats and document the joyful occasion.  So happy for this couple!




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Luna is 9 months!

Luna is 9 months old, and she decided about one week after she turned 9 months that she would walk! Below are some pictures made at Sarah and Drew’s house on a COLD afternoon. Luna never seemed to notice the weather. The inside photos are made in the pink dress that Sarah wore for her one year pictures when she was a baby! Sarah’s sister, Emily, was still visiting from Norway, so she and Sarah’s mom, Judy, are in some photos at the end. Happy memories! Sarah took the last photo for me so that Keith and I could be in one with Luna.






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Welcome Baby David Lansden Brewbaker!

Baby David’s story is one of those iconic treasures that we love to hear and retell. He was born on his mother’s birthday! Mckenzie contacted her husband David, who was in military training at Ft. Bragg, NC, to let him know he needed to travel to Columbus, Georgia. David made it in time for the birth of his namesake, also named after David’s great uncle– a military man, pictured in the nursery below. With David on leave for only 10 days, the couple is making the most of every minute together. The baby’s outfits both belonged to Mckenzie when she was a baby; the blue gown was made by her grandmother before she passed away. Clearly, this couple adores their firstborn! Blessings on this precious family and their adventure together!




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